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Occupational Therapy

muscle enhancement for grandpa

New workplace? New home? New life? We can help! An Occupational Therapist from Love and Mercy Home Healthcare will work with you at home to help you adapt to new living or working conditions. Our aim is to achieve a quality lifestyle for you especially after a recent health diagnosis, surgery and/or disability. Your therapist will also actively encourage you throughout the treatment as you receive services such as:

  • Restoring Sensory Functions
  • Strength Enhancement
  • Energy Management and Conservation
  • Re-education of Basic Living Skills
  • Planning and implementation of therapeutic programs
  • Support in Restoring Balance
  • Support in Restoring Muscle Control
  • Support in Restoring Physical Mobility

Reclaim your independence! Your health is in your control. Find the best professionals to guide you along the way by turning to Love and Mercy Home Healthcare. We will be there for you! Just call us at 781-326-6200 or send an email to

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