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Speech Therapy

speech therapy for grandma

Why Do You Need Speech Therapy?

Speech therapy is essential for those who suffer from Parkinson’s disease, survived a stroke, or afflicted with Alzheimer’s and require speech therapy to overcome communication barriers. It allows you to maintain social connections and live, at the very least, close to a normal life.

At Love and Mercy Home Healthcare, we have brilliant speech therapists who can help you face the medical conditions that have affected your ability to speak or communicate. How our treatment helps:

  • Improves your ability to swallow
  • Improves your reasoning skills
  • Enhances memory recalling ability
  • Improves cognitive functioning
  • Helps you function better
  • Helps better interact and communicate your feelings to those you love

An exceptional speech pathology treatment awaits you at Love and Mercy Home Healthcare. For more information on this particular service, you may call us at 781-326-6200. It would truly be a pleasure to hear from you!

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